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Keep your valuables safe and secure with our durable and discreet body belts. We give you peace of mind, wherever your travels may take you.

Made in the USA.


About Our Belts

At SixtyFourWest, we believe that travel shouldn't be stressful. We have created a discreet and unobtrusive body belt to allow you to carry your valuables on your person, freeing your mind and hands for other things. Gone are the days of searching for items in backpacks and wallets! Our durable, waterproof belts have velcro pockets and secret compartments for security and easy access on-the-go.

You will have to lose yourself to lose this travel belt.

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SixtyFourWest personal travel belts are available in two colors, black or tan, and in four sizes, small through extra-large. Each belt is constructed of water resistant urethane coated nylon with all velcro enclosures, no metal whatsoever.

Please send us your best photo showing you wearing a SixtyFourWest belt and we'll include you in our gallery. The more unique the location, the better!

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What People Are Saying

Thank you, thank you for the travel belt! I love it! Exactly as described and by far the best I've seen...looking forward to using it! Sure deserves to be a commercial success!

- Sandy

In The News

The Royal Gazette, Bermuda's largest newspaper, reports on the launch of SixtyFourWest:

Globetrotting photographer Scott Stallard has designed a new travel belt — inspired by travel to some of world’s most remote regions.

Mr Stallard, who has been on photoshoots ranging from the North Pole to Papua New Guinea in the south-western Pacific, drew on his years of experience to come up with a handy waist-worn holdall designed to keep valuable documents, bank cards and cash safe and accessible.

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