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At a time when travel can seem stressful, rushed and chaotic, SixtyFourWest strives to make things easier. Our discreet and unobtrusive body belts allow you to carry credit cards, ID, drivers licenses, cash, passports and boarding passes in an organized, comfortable and invisible way. By concealing valuables right on your person, you are free to travel with peace of mind, knowing exactly where these items are at all times. Gone are the days of rummaging in backpacks and wallets! Our belts offer security and easy-access with the goal of eliminating common frustrations of otherwise enjoyable adventures.

Black SixtyFourWest Travel Belt

The original belt design was formerly worn exclusively by a few intrepid adventurers, explorers and travel photographers. After a decade of testing, it is now available to anyone who chooses to make secure travel a priority.

SixtyFourWest personal travel belts are available in two colors, black or tan, and in four sizes, small through extra-large. Each belt is constructed of water resistant urethane coated nylon with all velcro enclosures, no metal whatsoever. They're built to be durable and long-lasting, having proved themselves over a decade of traveling throughout the most challenging environments, from deserts to the Antarctic. Our products are proudly made in the USA.

You will have to lose yourself to lose this travel belt.

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Our Story

SixtyFourWest's unique travel belts were designed and created out of necessity. There was a practical and aesthetic void that other belts could not fill, whether due to limited space, small pockets, metal zippers, bulky buckles or poor construction. It was time to build a better solution.

The need to safeguard all of your valuables when traveling, including passport, cash, ID, drivers license, business cards, boarding passes and other important documents guided us in the design of our utilitarian belts.

The original hand sewn belt made of urethane coated nylon, with five pockets and all velcro closures, has held up for over 12 years. It's been on expedition through the jungles of New Guinea, the Amazon and Central Africa; across the desert in Mongolia and Namibia; and weathered the brutal cold of the Arctic and Antarctic. Fellow explorers and photographers inevitably asked where they could get one and so SixtyFourWest was born.

Founder Scott Stallard is an international member of the prestigious "Explorer's Club" based in New York and has photographed and filmed in such diverse locations as North Korea, Iran, Cuba, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Nepal and South Georgia. These belts are a testament to a tried and tested design of a worldwide traveler.

Visit Scott Stallard's Photography Website to view the highlights of his photographic collection.

Founder Scott Stallard on expedition with the original travel belt. Founder Scott Stallard on expedition with the original travel belt.

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