A comfortable, secure and inconspicuous travel belt gives you peace of mind whether you’re waiting in an airport, exploring a foreign country or attending a music festival. Our belts hold all of your most important items, including passports, credit cards, cash, ID and boarding passes, allowing you to keep them secure against your person and at your finger tips.

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Where To Buy in Bermuda

Hamilton | A.S. Coopers Man, A.S. Coopers, The Harbour Master and BUEI
Dockyard | Makin' Waves
St. Georges | Robertsons Drug Store, Esso Gas Station
Airport | Pulp & Circumstance

Worldwide Distribution

Name | Kade Stallard
Phone | (347) 387-1735 or (603) 526-2293

Corporate Sales

Name | Scott Stallard
Phone | (441) 332-0024 or (441) 297-0968