Why Use A Travel Belt?

What would you do if you lost your passport in a foreign country? What about your credit cards or cash? Imagine if your backpack was pick-pocketed as you walk through busy city streets while on vacation. It’s every traveler’s nightmare and, any way you look at it, causes stress and disruption at best and considerable loss of property at worst.

A comfortable, secure and inconspicuous travel belt gives you peace of mind whether you’re waiting in an airport, exploring a foreign country or attending a music festival. Our belts hold all of your most important items, including passports, credit cards, cash, ID and boarding passes, allowing you to keep them secure against your person and at your finger tips.

By securing everything in one place and not dispersing items in carry bags, trouser pockets, jacket pockets, wallets and purses, a hidden belt removes the need to constantly guard those numerous locations and alleviates frantic searching. Our convenient pockets allow you to organize your belongings- plus, our belts boast two secret compartments for an added level of security.

If you’re interested in simplifying your life while traveling (and who isn’t), we can’t recommend enough that you try a SixtyFourWest travel belt. Our belts come in two colors, black or tan, and four sizes, small through extra-large. They are made of water resistant nylon and velcro and are proudly hand made in the USA.

For more information on how to purchase a belt, email sales@sixtyfourwestbelts.com.

Black & Tan SixtyFourWest Travel Belt

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